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ABO is a collective of artists and activists who smashed together their love of comics and hatred of the prison industrial complex in order to keep queer prisoners connected to community outside prison walls and help them get paid for their creative labor. We work to amplify the voices of LGBTQ and HIV+ prisoners through the comix medium with 100% of profits going back to incarcerated artists and organizations working towards prison abolition and queer advocacy. Our mission is to take a sledgehammer to the culture that treats humans as disposable, criminalizes the poor, and boasts a sense of justice at the expense of oppressed and vulnerable populations. Through the art form we love the most, we hope to proliferate the idea that a better world means redefining our concepts of justice and accountability without relying on cops, the state, or its sycophants to solve our interpersonal and societal issues by locking people in cages.

Using the DIY ideology of punk-zine culture, our own experiences working in the comic book industry for over a decade and the philosophy of mutual support, we started ABO to stand in solidarity with and give material aid to the most marginalized amongst us. We work with queer and trans prisoners across the United States, developing friendships and encouraging folks to express themselves through creative energy. We have collected 26 stories unlike any comic anthology you have read before, both from accomplished cartoonists and first time doodlers. The ABO Comix anthology is a raw, authentic look into prison life from a queer perspective that you need to read.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location Address Facebook Event Link
September 29, 2018 Tinyfest, Day 1 Eli's Mile High Club 3629 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland CA BLAM!
September 30, 2018 Tinyfest, Day 2 924 Gilman 924 Gilman St, Berkeley CA SPLONK!
October 13, 2018 Anti-Prison Benefit Fundraiser 1-2-3-4 Go! Records 420 40th Street #5 Oakland CA AWWWWWW!
October 20, 2018 Litquake Bookfair The Chapel 777 Valencia St, San Francisco CA BAM!

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National Prison Strike

We recognize the prison strikers as our comrades in struggle against the prison industrial complex. Without a strong, committed, and organized front on the inside, we on the outside are limited in our capacity to curtail the prison system’s growing influence.

The unrestrained greed of the prison industrial complex claimed the lives of seven comrades at Lee Correctional Institution. They were not the casualties of an accident, but victims of an apparatus of slave labor that forces the most vulnerable in our society into degrading, inhumane living conditions.

We support, unequivocally, the efforts of the prison strikers fighting to restore the dignity of incarcerated people in all the prisons across the country.

In honor of the fallen comrades at Lee Correctional, we implore our fellow labor and abolitionist organizers to provide all material and ideological support possible to aid the strikers in negotiating for better living conditions.

In Solidarity,
The ABO Comix Team

Something To Say?

Kevin (And) Hell

by Kevin Bowling

Close Project

Prison Life

by Richard Romero

Close Project


by Geremy

Close Project

Shades Of Grey

by Gabe Wyatt

Close Project

CanMan: Spray Can of Vengeance

by Paul Martinez

Close Project

The Diatribes of a Morningstar

by Krysta Morningstar

Close Project

Past Events

Date Event Location Address Facebook Event Link
June 22-24, 2018 Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair Ashville, NC Various Addresses, See Flyer BANG!
July 13, 2018 "This Is Not Your Fest" Drag Show Fundraiser Oakland, CA Classic Cars West, 411 26th Street POW!
July 21, 2018 - 8PM Radical Activism in Comics Panel San Diego Comic Con Room 23ABC POW!
September 9, 2018 Bay Area Queer Zine Fest Humanist Hall 390 27th St, Oakland CA WHAM!
September 15, 2018 Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair Omni Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland CA BAM!

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